Vineyard Wedding Ideas 2016

There is no doubt that a wedding in a vineyard is one of the most romantic weddings you can ever dream of. The views, Light, nature, smells and atmosphere contributes to make the perfect setting for a wedding. 


Having your wedding ceremony at a one-of-a-kind Chapel can be the wow factor you are looking for, many times the place itself is beautiful enough that you won’t even need to spend thousands of dollars in it’s decoration as their self beauty will stand by itself. Wayfarers Chapel in California is one of the most amazing chapels I have ever seen, with beautiful all around glass windows that allows the guests to enjoy the surrounding nature.



Selecting Your Wedding invitations is the first step to take when planning your wedding and it should be considered wisely as they will setup the tone of your Wedding theme. Your Stationary should be the inspitration to all other elements around your wedding and your stationarier should be able to reflect your color palletet and theme to them. It was a pleasure for us to contribute to Tammys and Ryans gorgeous wedding wooden stationary to match their elegant rustic vineyard event.

What a lovely idea! A Rosemarie Plant with Wooden Place Cards attached with wooden pins!

 When choosing the venue, have in mind that a rustic, vineyard wedding usually allow their wedding guests to kick back, relax and have fun while enjoying the vineyard views itself.


Integrating games can be the perfect addition to a rustic wedding reception. You can fin plenty of ideas on Pinterest!

Tammy and Ryan had definitely an unforgettable wedding! Congratulations to the couple!