Reception Card Enclosures (Inserts)
Reception Card Enclosures (Inserts)

Reception Card Enclosures (Inserts)

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If your Reception Event is taking place at a different location than the Ceremony they are considered different events and, according to the Wedding Invitation etiquette, you will need Reception Cards included in your invitations.  In order to do this an additional insert (or enclosure) can be ordered to inform additional guests. When the ceremony and the reception are held at the same place they are not necessary.

A Reception card must include:




City and State

Depending on how much information you are including, the size of the inserts will be from 5.00" w x 3.25" h  to 5.25" w  x 4.25" h , so it is recommended to avoid cluttering them with too much information or to add your wedding website URL so guests can get more information online.

Reception Cards, as well as any other additional insert/enclosure, are available @ $1.75 ea and will be printed to match your invitation font.